On The Pitch

On the pitch, SGI SM delivers elite-level services. We specialise in negotiating favourable contract terms for our clients and navigating the complexities of transfer negotiations. We pride ourselves on identifying and nurturing young talent, ensuring they carve their path to success in the competitive world of football. 

Our expertise extends across professional male and female players, as well as nurturing talent in professional academies, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to football representation.

Contract Negotiation

Handling of all negotiations with any Club when transferring, renewing, or terminating agreements of registration or employment, and ongoing reviewing of contract details related to ever-changing circumstances within the player’s experience at a Club.

Transfer Negotiation

As an agency, we play a pivotal role in player transfer negotiations by leveraging our industry expertise to secure favourable terms, including contractual details, salary negotiations, and performance-based bonuses. Additionally, we conduct thorough market research to identify suitable clubs, ensuring the player's career progression aligns with their goals and ambitions.

Young Talent

We have a proven track record in supporting young players; developing them holistically to cope with the demands of the game, and thrive in their early careers. We can support with organising and administering loans and dual signs, offer support during retain and release processes, and offer mentorship and guidance when transitioning between Clubs and Academies.