SGI have developed excelling football academies and 1st Team environments in Spain and India. We also have vast knowledge of delivering football-based activity in Africa, Canada, and across most of Europe.

The aim of our SGI International Offer is to develop environments with modern knowledge and insight, utilise English FA best practice and coaching frameworks, to succeed on the pitch, and improved player profiling and value off the pitch.

With the SGI- SM International Offer, we can support overseas organizations in all aspects of club, coaching and player development.  Projects are planned and executed aligned to your needs and wants, and can take place in the UK, or at your Club overseas.

Option A

We come to you:
  1. Football player development camps (known as ‘in-situ’). We would arrange for our UEFA A License coaching specialists to visit your Club, and deliver themed training sessions, share new coaching methodology, and help identify and manage your best talent.
  2. Coach Education workshops and key-note speeches. Our vastly experienced coach educators and mentors can deliver a structured series of bespoke workshops around football coaching practise to guide your coaching team into even better ways to develop players at your club.

In these options, we don’t just turn up and coach!  We will plan and evaluate online throughout the year to ensure you get the best service possible to develop your Club.

Option B

You come to us:
  1. Residentials for Coaches: We offer residential ‘football experience’ opportunities here in the UK for coaches and players. For coaches this would be an opportunity to visit the best training venues and stadia in the Country and receive outstanding insight and workshops from England’s best coaches and coach developers.
  2. Residentials For players: A similar tour would include outstanding football training sessions at a variety of Clubs, taking in an EPL/ EFL fixture, and playing in a competitive fixture programme. Tours would include full management, e.g., accommodation, travel, tickets, events, catering, training, and match day programme etc, as well as all football coaching provision. Scouts would be invited to observe training and/or matchdays.
  3. Residentials For Both: Why not combine the opportunity and make the tour an experience for all, with a player development camp experience operating alongside the coach education whilst everyone is here?

With all options, there will be opportunities for suitable players to join the SGI – SM family as a registered talent.

The International Coaching and Player Development Offer is open to both males and females.

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